House on Fire: An Austin Oaks Church Parenting Podcast


Raising black teenagers in today’s world!

Greg and Faith Pope share their story and experience of raising a son and daughter, who are black in todays culture and church. 


Adopted two amazing Kids!

David and Jayne Gaddy share their story of adopting two amazing children after they raise two of their very own. They are no longer children but two amazing teenagers now. What an example of the grace and mercy of God that is shown and seen through adoption. 


Parenting different personalities

Josh and Samantha Broccolo, share what it is like parenting  three young children! Each child has a unique personality and temperament requiring an individual approach.  Lets parent each child as they are uniquely made in God's image.


Sometimes Teenagers go to Prison.

Scott Smith shares his heart for prison ministry!

The New Life In Christ Prison Ministry leads hundreds of men and women in prison through correspondence Bible studies, sharing God's love and truth with them. Our team mails individual lessons to inmates, those who have requested lessons complete it and mail it back to AOC. Each letter gets personal attention from a dedicated team member who writes comments and prayers on the lesson, returning the completed work along with the next lesson.

Over 170 men and women declared faith in Jesus Christ through this ministry in 2018.


Family Communication

Bryan & Lisa Furler share with us why communication as a family is helpful for them to make much of Christ in their home. 


Caring your faith into College!

Emma Plunkett shares with us how she has carried her faith into college life! She graduated a few years ago and wants to make much of Christ in her life. 


“Why we make our children and teens come to church with us”

A question every parent will face. When your children or teenagers don’t want to go to church with you, should you force them, or give them the responsibility to make their own decision? Rebecca Palmer & Monica Scantlen share why church is such a high value for them and their families. 


Marriage Myth: Happily, ever after

Bill and Rita Davis share years of marriage wisdom with us. Much of parenting is about a marriage that is making much of Christ. 


What is the Gospel?

Eric Quintana gives an overview of what the Word of God says in regards to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us never assume that others know the gospel, let us preach it in all things. I want to encourage you to memorize Gospel related passages with your children and teenagers. 


What Happens in the Home Matters More than What Happens at Church.

Austin and Rochelle Bush share their hearts with us about how family worship has been very important for them as a family. God wants parents to take charge, and to point their children and teenagers to Christ! We need to do all we can to help them LOVE God and LOVE others.